Taskforce External Filter Air Vacuums

Taskforce External Filter Air Vacuums

Powered by compressed air, the Taskforce External Filter Air Vacuum creates waterlifts substantially beyond that found in traditional wet/dry vacuums. THe unit is ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring extremely aggressive suction. This machine is perfect rapid high-volume recovery of wet material, and with its external filter, can recover dry material as well.

From the tool shop to the factory floor, this units handles such challenges as water, oil, powder, metal shavings, oil dry, and a variety of other common types of debris in an industrial environment. Better still, the Taskforce can recover wet and dry mateiral without the need to stop and change or clean an internal filter.

That means minimal stoppages and no more operator guesswork on choosing the right filter for the right application. It should be noted that an air compressor, airline, and line couplings are required for operation and are not available from Tornado.

For the 95953, the priority is power. A patented Venturi powerhead with incredible 242" waterlift is fitted on an 18-gallon stainless task. Furthermore, the machine has no moving parts and is spark-free. The tank sits on a convenient tip-and-pour carrier with four wheels for easy transport. An external filter comes standard with the unit. A wide selection of optional tools and attachments are available for a variety of applicaitons.

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