All - Flo

All - Flo

Double diaphragm pumps are operated by compressed air or non-flammable compressed gas. The combined actions of 2 diaphragms - one pumping, one sucking, results in fluid being drawn in and discharged simultaneously.

Rotina is a distributor of the double diaphragm pumps from All-Flo. Engineered to the highest quality with patented designs, these pumps are used in the oil & gas, environmental, agricultural industries including chemical plants and in explosion-proof environments. They have the following features:

• Lube-free

• Non-stalling at low speed

• Self-priming

• Non-electrical

• Runs dry without damage

• Variable Flow Rate

• Modular design & interchangeable parts

• Trouble-free continuous operation

The available sizes are 1/4, 1/2, 1, 11/2, 2, 3 and 3/8 (all in inches). Specialty finishings and coatings are available for metallic pumps.

Optional Pump Accessories

To integrate your installed All-Flo pumps into your process control, there are 2 optional accessories. Both can be used on pumps 3/8 inch and higher.

Cycle Count Valve

To measure the number of fluid cycles transferred through the pump for maintenance purposes. This can be monitored from any networked PC.

Solenoid Control Valve


For remote control of the pump through a networked personal computer (PC), PLC, relay or switch. This is ideal when “on demand” fluid transfer is needed. This is used with chemicals, inks, paint pigments and adhesives

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