Micro Pump

In the field of micro fluids technology to transport tiny amounts of gases or liquids, Rotina is pleased to introduce one of the world’s smallest pumps – the Bartels micro-pumps mp5 and mp6 from leading innovator Bartels Mikrotechnik.

No Space for Compromises: Bartels Micro Pumps mp6 and mp6-pp

These piezo membrane micro-pumps, no bigger than a coin and weighing 0.8 gram, are made of injection-molded plastic (polyphenyl sulphon/polyimide). Only this plastic material is in contact with the fluids. The pump chamber is fed by two double valves controlling the flow of fluids. The piezo actuator is made of ceramic and mounted on the brass membrane.

Micropumps transporting the tiniest amounts of gases or liquids can be considered the heart of microfluidics. In many sectors they have become indispensable.

The piezo actuated membrane pumps are small power packs, offering universal capabilities for liquids and gases. The pump design is ingeniously simple and its advantages are next to the small size and low weight its robustness, long lifetime and high reliability. The pump is driven via frequency and amplitude allowing flexible adjustment in accordance to the system requirements at low energy consumption. Different control units are offered, also battery powered versions for use in portable devices.

In the entire pump only one material gets into contact with the pumping medium. Now two types of materials are available. In the standard mp6 all relevant parts are made out of poly phenyl sulsphon (PPSU) and in the mp6-pp of poly propylene (PP).

Important advantages for all users result from the radically simple pump design: Injection molded parts for housing and pump chamber, piezo actuators and passive valves constitute the key components. Thus any adaptation to specific requirements concerning flow rate or back pressure is easy to realize.

This customization of micropumps and the correspondent electronic controllers is part of the services offered by Bartels microComponents. If requested, the pumps can be fully integrated into complex system designs as well.

The mp5 is the first generation version and the smallest while the mp6 and mp6-pp is a latter version with 2 piezo actuators inside one single housing, thus doubling the back pressure.

Functional Principle Micro Pump mp6/mp6-pp
The functional principle of piezo membrane micropumps is easily explained.
A piezo ceramic is mounted on a brass membrane and deforms that membrane when a voltage is applied. With the resulting downstroke the medium is squeezed out of the pump chamber below. Check valves on both sides of the chamber define the flow direction.
When the voltage is decreased, the piezo's correspondent deformation causes an upstroke of the membrane. The medium is sucked in and the chamber is filled. The pump can operate at up to several hundred pumping cycles per second. The pumping characteristics can be optimized by adjusting three parameters: amplitude, frequency and wave form of the electric control signal.
Features Of Micropumps
  • High particle tolerance
  • Easy integration with fluid systems
  • Feed pressure (max 500 mbar for liquids & 60 mbar for gases)
  • Adjustable pump rate ( also via a USB interface)
  • Power Consumption
  • Standardized Fittings for easy connection
  • Various Control devices from manual to PC-supported
  • Mass Production at low cost.


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Products & Equipments

Key Features mp6 and mp6-pp!

Piezo membrane pump
Mass produced micro pump
Broad performance spectrum
Low cost, for consumable applications
Robust for long life permanent installations
Compact ( postage stamp) size
Only one materials in fluid contact
Unbeatable cost effectiveness
Low energy consumption
Intrinsic regulation of flow rate possible

In addition to the micro-pumps mp5 and mp6, Bartel also supply controllers for the mp5 and mp6 micro-pumps, micro components such as valves, filters, tubing and connection cables.
The evaluation equipment is meant to assist your evaluation process. After feasibilty of the micropump mp6 in the specific application is proven, and driving parameters are defined, the controller can be miniaturized and the equipment for system integration can be carried out. The design of a customer specific controller is part of the services offered by Bartel.