Tiger - Vac

Tiger - Vac

Tiger-Vac is the leader in the industry of explosion proof / dust ignition proof and combustible/conductive dust recovery vacuum cleaner systems for all your housekeeping needs.


With forty years of experience, Tiger-Vac has successfully established itself in the international market as a manufacturer of high-quality industrial, explosion proof, cleanroom and ATEX, IECEx, NFPA-NEC compliant vacuum cleaner systems for contamination controlled environments & hazardous locations.

Tiger-Vac equipment are legally certified by independent testing laboratories:

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Vacuum Cleaners certified by an independant laboratory (NRTL) for providing an Equipment Protection Level such as:

·         Division 1, 2 Class I, II, III, Group D, E, F & G;

·         IECEx EPL G/D b, c;

·         ATEX G/D Cat. 2, 3.

With over 1000 models, Tiger-Vac has a vacuum cleaner system for every need and every situation.


Product Categories

1.  Explosion Proof / Dust Ignition Proof Vacuum

2.  Cleanroom & Pharmaceutical Vacuum

3.  Light & Heavy Duty HEPA ULPA Vacuum

4.  Food Industry Vacuum

5.  Specialty Application Vacuum

6.  Aircraft Defueling Vacuum

7.  Nuclear Grade Vacuum

8.  Pneumatic Operated Vacuum

9.  Custom Built Vacuum System

10. Vacuum Accessories


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- Aerospace Combustible Dusts
- Agriculture Combustible Dust
- Bakery Combustible Dust
- Biofuel
- Chemical & Pharmaceutical
- Dustless Tools for Combustible Dust
- Electronics
- Firing Ranges Combustible Dusts
- Flour & Grain Combustible Dust
- Food Industries Combustible Dust
- General Maintenance Combustible Dusts
- Hangars
- Industrial Maintenance Combustible Dust
- Lead, Mould & Asbestos Remediation
- Mercury Recovery
- Metal Products Conductive Dusts
- Munitions & Gun Powder Conductive Dust
- Nuclear
- Optics
- Paper Products Combustible Dust
- Rubber and Plastic Products Combustible Dust
- Potent Powders Combustible Dust
- Power Plants Combustible Dust
- Pyrotechnics Conductive Dust
- Sugar Refineries Combustible Dust
- Textiles Mills Combustible Dust
- Wood Product Combustible Dust