Application Specific Blowers

Product Code: Application Specific Blowers

Specialty blowers for Commercial Spa, High Temperature, Natural Gas, and Gasoline Vapor Recovery applications. Our industrial NC (Nautilair(TM) Centraxial) blowers include: fiberglass or aluminum housing, aluminum impellers, and permanently sealed bearings for 50,00 hours of life. Our instrument grade and variable flow SE (Minispiral(TM) Regenerative) blowers include: AC and DC versions available for world voltages and maximum flow variability, glass filled molded phenolic impeller; aluminum phenolic case, 30,000 hour bearing life, small size and lightweight construction, and quiet to NC-47 office equipment standards. Our instrument grade SL (Spiral Regenerative) blowers include: rugged diecast aluminum housing, endbells, and impellers, compact size with encased muffler for maximum noise reduction, low amp draw with highly efficient motor, permanently sealed bearings for 40,000 hours of life, and hermetically sealed models designed for glovebox use.