Vibration Pump

Rotina is a distributor for a range of solenoid vibration pumps from UKLA Coffee Division for fluids control (steam, water, air, gas) in a variety of applications in cleaning appliances, industrial use and coffee-making. All pump components and fittings are subject to strict quality controls and detailed electrical and hydraulic tests such as dielectric strength, self-priming, flow-rate and pressure tests. Certifications are from bodies such as VDE, IMQ, c-UL and UL.

Double Insulated Vibration Pump (E Model)

The E Model series of double-insulated “evolution” vibration pumps are ideal for water fluids at 20°C to ambientroom temperature of 25°C. They are self-priming at 0 bar (pressure) and runs on AC supply from 24V to 240V.

Other Vibration Pump Models

These include the NMEHP, NME and HF models, mostly Class F and some Class A. They are also self-priming without counter-pressure and suitable for dry use during priming only.


Coffee Machines Medical & Dental Equipment
Carpet & Vacuum Cleaners Water Gasifying Equipment 
Steam Cleaning Systems Vending Machines Multi-beverage 
Steam Irons Air Condition
Ironing Presses Disco Smoke Machines


 PDF ULKA Pumps Catalog