Blower selection is made easy with the wide variety of products available from AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products. Ten different blower families are available in standard configurations. Standard blower designs offer brushless DC motor drives coupled to high efficiency fan systems in compact, cost effective packages. Standard models are available in a wide range of input voltages.

Regenerative Blowers


AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products designs and manufactures an assortment of regenerative blowers for industrial, environmental, instrumentation, and chemical processing applications. These oil-free products provide you with high air pressures/vacuums and feature compact construction, low acoustical noise, high reliability, and long lives without scheduled maintenance requirements.

AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products offers Brush and Brushless DC Motor, Pump, Brushless and Regenerative Blower, and Controller-based solutions for numerous applications. AMETEK Technical & Industrial products are an ideal choice for such varied applications as transportation, fuel cells, textile equipment, medical instruments, robotics, packaging equipment, pumps, compressors, business machines, printing equipment, chemical processing, aquaculture, electric-powered vehicles, hydraulic pumps, electroplating, fume / smoke removal systems, or any other precise rotary motion/air delivery applications.
With the widest range of products available for use in applications from respiratory to chemical processing, AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products has the expertise to tackle every application requiring a motor, pump or air moving device.