Special Purpose Floorpads

For high speed stripping, auto-scrub, and pre-burnish work. Not only does Pall Mall stock Regular Speed and High Speed Floorpads, we also stock floorpads used specifically for high speed stripping, auto-scrub and pre-burnish work, floor pads for wood floors, as well as Wilen products.

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  • GLOMESH Emerald Floorpads
    Glomesh Emerald is Pall Mall's most aggressive, fastest stripping pad, stripping in a quarter of the time of a black pad. Emerald lasts longer and has great consistency then any pad before.  Product Code : TH Series ..
  • GLOMESH Coral Floorpads
    Especially designed for Auto Scrubbers. Better than any red or blue pad. The perfect scrub without being over aggressive. Has good fluid through-flow for Auto-Scrubbers. Great for UHS Spray Buffing – shine and clean simultaneously – at Ultra High Speed. Also use as a Pre-Burnish pad to remove dirt and black heel marks at Ultra High Speed. Product Code : TKU Series ..
  • Sandscreens
    Especially made for wood floor preparation prior to polishing. Silicon carbide coated screen discs, each fibre fully coated.In choice of seven grits from 60 to 220.   ..
  • Sandscreens Driver
    Unique white sandscreen driver - sandscreens stick to it like glue. Eliminates screen sling, extends sandscreen life. Far more effective than a floor pad - and more economical. ..
  • Denib Pad
    A wine thinline pad, 8mm thick, denibs wood floors between coats. Results in far better gloss. ..