Big saving in Stone Floor Care

Big Savings in Stone Floor Care

There are incredible financial as well as environmental implications in switching stone floor care from the use of polish to no-polish methods.

Apart from the avoidance of the use of any harsh chemicals that may be associated with the maintenance of polished floors – in fact, no-polish systems generally use hardly any chemicals and only a little water – there are really significant labour savings, so-much-so that savings as large as more than 40% of the total cost are readily achievable.

These are provable where Glomesh Diamond floor pads are used on a wide variety of stone floors, from polished concrete to terrazzo; from limestone to marble and so many other commonly used stone floors, both natural and reconstructed.

The process is a basic and simple one. It requires two phases. The first phase, following on removal of all remaining polish if it had been applied earlier, is a gradual one of, step by step, bringing the floor back into tip-top condition. Just as a rough piece of timber can be brought to a beautiful, polished and grain-exposed finish by moving through abrasion steps with ever finer sandpaper, so, too, can a stone floor be brought back into beautiful condition using a series of ever less aggressive diamond impregnated floor pads.

Starting with a 400 grit, aggressive Glomesh Diamond pad or pads on a Regular Speed (up to 700 rpm) swing machine or an Auto-Scrubber, the floor is scrubbed using a little water and the resultant slurry collected. Then an 800 grit (finer) pad is substituted for the 400 grit pad and the scrubbing process implemented again. Then to 1500 grit and finally to the finest of the preparation pads, a Glomesh Diamond 3000 grit. Once the final slurry is removed the floor will be back to its original flat, even surface with scratches and imperfections removed.



Once this preparation phase has been completed, all future attention is directed at the second process which is maintenance. The preparation pads and their preparation process are almost certainly no longer needed or required to be implemented.

The maintenance process is very simple and exceptionally easy to implement. It now requires, mainly, the very finest 6000 grit Glomesh Diamond pad, used preferably on a UHS burnisher though a Regular Speed machine can be used. However an UHS machine certainly gives the best final result. And all that needs to be done now is to burnish the floor using a little water or a Glomesh Diamond Floor Conditioner.

Used on a regular basis daily or every second day depending on traffic, burnishing with a Glomesh Diamond 6000 grit pad is now required heneceforth and forever more. Once into the maintenance phase, no polish and very much reduced labour are all there is to it. Use of the 6000 grit pad results in a true supergloss, equivalent to the gloss of newly laid polish. But, unlike polish, that gloss does not deteriorate day by day until drastic and extremely expensive and labour intensive methods such as strip and seal or cut back and reapply have to be implemented. The supergloss is easily maintained while the dirt is being removed.

The 6000 grit pad can be complemented with the 3000 grit pad as an additional maintenance tool. This would be expecially useful where high traffic results in regularly dirty floors. In such a case, the 3000 grit pad is alternated with the 6000 grit pad. The slightly more aggressive 3000 grit pad helps the removal of dirt as well as starting the gloss program which is enhanced with the alternate use of the brilliant 6000 grit pad.


Here are some suggested costings:

Total floor area to be maintained in facility: 1,000 sq m for one year.

A) Maintain with polish

Strip and Seal

Once per 12 months @ $4.50 sq m


Cut Back and Re-apply

Three times per 12 months @ $2.50 sq m


Daily Burnishing

Labour cost $16.45 per hour
Burnish 1,000 sq m per hour = 365 hours per 12 months
365 hours @ $16.45 per hour



365 hours @ $5.75 per hour


Burnish Pads

10,000 sq m each = 37 pads per year @ $20 per pad


Total Cost of Polish Maintenance for 12 Months


B) Maintain with Glomesh Diamond (no polish)

Daily Burnishing

Labour cost $16.45 per hour
Burnish 1,000 sq m per hour = 365 hours per 12 months
365 hours @ $16.45 per hour



365 hours @$5.75 per hour


Diamond Pads

10,000 sq m each = 37 pads per year @ $100 per pad


Total Cost of Glomesh Diamond Maintenance for 12 Months


Saving: $20,840 – $11,800 = $9,040 per 12 months (43.3%).

Note that no cost appears for the Glomesh Diamond "Preparation" as this is a once only, not repeated process, neither in the first 12 months nor in the years to follow. Nor is there any allowance in the calculations for the initial stripping of existing polish (assuming it does exist) before using Glomesh Diamond.

Similarly, there is no cost included for the initial start-of-the year Strip and Seal in the Polish calculations. Strip and Seal cost is included for the end of the twelve month period which will, thereafter, almost certainly be repeated annually if Polish maintenance continues.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. A trial of the process will soon show whether the claims made are legitimate.