Floor Pads: Diamonds Prove Their Worth

Floor Pads: Diamonds Prove Their Worth

The other day we went off, at the request of the contractor maintaining a major Sydney shopping centre, to do a demonstration of Glomesh Diamond on their travertine floor.

There is no question that the contractor was mighty impressed by the result and put it to the centre management that they should switch maintenance to the Glomesh Diamond system. After all, with a gloss better than their polish-applied floors and the savings that would accrue to both the contractor and the building management, it made excellent sense.

However, management were, it seems and we assume, concerned that with so high a gloss there would be a slip factor and the floor should be tested for slip. In fact they requested that the independent testing laboratory test both the Glomesh Diamond floor, which had not been maintained for the three weeks since Errol had done the demo, and a similar polish-applied floor in the same centre.

The tester exclaimed at the incredible appearance of the Glomesh Diamond floor which, despite no maintenance, was still better looking than the regularly maintained polished floor. However, that wasn't the tester's brief. It was slip resistance he was to check.

Using the widely accepted and highly approved Tortus testing equipment, he set about testing both areas, the Glomesh Diamond area and then the polish-applied area. With a figure of 0.4 as a pass – below that would be a fail - the results were fascinating.

The test is done in "as found" condition, doing nothing to prepare the surface and then the surface is wiped (to remove any foreign loose matter such as dust, I assume) and tested again. The polished floors came in at 0.55 "as found" and 0.60 "wiped". That is a reasonable pass. But the Glomesh Diamond floor came in at a very high 0.80 "as found" and 0.85 "wiped". That means the Glomesh Diamond program results not just in a higher gloss floor, obvious to the naked eye, but also has a far higher coefficient of friction making it more slip resistant - a good result.