Mach-12 High Speed Extraction System





Mach-12 High Speed Extraction System

The fastest, most thorough carpet cleaning system ever developed!



The Mach-12 literally breaks the speed and performance barrier - leaving all the other carpet cleaning machines “in the dirt!” With just the push of a few buttons, you can go from zero to 12,000 square feet of carpet cleaned per hour. Compare that to other “high speed” extraction systems that advertise maximum cleaning rates of 4,000 to 6,000 square feet per hour. The Mach-12 easily finishes first. 

With the Mach-12, you’ll be able to clean medium to large carpeted areas four to eight times faster than with conventional equipment. Additionally, regardless of the skill of the operator or the soiling conditions, the Mach-12 helps you easily avoid all over wetting problems that are common with other systems. 


Plus, the extra-wide Mach-12 is one of the lightest high-speed extractors on the market. Its semi-self-propelled and brush-assisted system ensures less fatigue and more manoeuvrability. Simply guide the unit across the carpet, and the machine deep cleans automatically. 

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