Soil Extraction Cleaning System For Aircraft Carpet

The low moisture soil extraction cleaning system improves indoor air quality by extracting soil and contamination without applying excess moisture that can contribute to the growth of biological contamination such as mould and mildew.

Low Moisture & Non-Toxic

We design a low moisture soil extraction system that is rugged, mobile and manoeuvrable  on board an aircraft’s tight interior. This system uses dense foam to effectively suspend soil for immediate extraction.

The combination of millions of dense “power bubbles” with instant extraction prevents soil from being re-deposited on fibres, which happens with cleaning that is too wet.

Recent independent testing indicates that the system does not emit harmful volatile organic compounds in the surrounding during the cleaning process. The system is both safe and non-toxic.

Minimizes Downtime & Saves Cost

The benefits of using this VS LMX System is that it minimizes downtime and reduces labour costs. Cabin and cockpit cleanliness is maintained at a high level. Aircraft interior carpet last longer and costly re-carpeted can be less frequent. 






VS LMX System – Light Weight, compact & portable 

     Features of LMX Aircraft Cleaning System 

•Optimum unit weight / balance
•Easily transportable (handle and tank are easily removed)
•Removable hood
•No specialized tools required
•D-I-Y parts replacement