SF-4000 / SF-6000



- Individual control board for each pump             
- Self-Priming Pump                    
- On-Board Prime Button           
- Variable Speed Adjustment        
- Selectable Cycles per Day         
- External On/Off Switch
- 2.8 gal/hour Maximum Rate
- Programmable duration of each injection
- Continuous Run Setting
- Stackable Pump Head
- Watertight and Durable Enclosure
- Pump Indication Light         


The SF-4000 and SF-6000 dispenser are ideal for applications requiring daily chemically maintenance.

The SF-4000 is a single drive system and the SF-6000 is a dual drive system that can be used for two

Separate chemicals or for two separate locations. These can be used as stand  alone units for periodic

Injection of maintenance chemicals or can be used in

Conjunction with an automatic controller.