Ozium Air Sanitizers

Rotina is pleased to introduce a line of premier Ozium/TimeMist Air Sanitizers. Ozium/TimeMist air sanitizer is an odor eliminator, removal and neutralizer in the home, hospital, office or factory. They are EPA-registered (Environmental Protection Agency, USA).

With its lighter-than-air particle, Ozium air sanitizer attacks germs and odors leaving a fresh deodorized fragrance in the air. This is effective in reducing bacteria, pathogens, airborne particles, smoke and odors, in places such as :

•Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Health Facilities
•Kitchens and Food Processing Areas
•Schools and Kindergartens
•Offices and Homes
•Storages Areas

Durians’ smell ?

Tobacco’s smell ?

Bad Odors ?

No Worry !

We have  just the right solution for you !

Germs and odors wont know what hit’em

With just one – two spray at the affected area , close the door and wait for 15minutes. It’s so simple!


With OZIUM, we put a smile on your face !

Don’t wait! CALL : +65-6383 8511

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  • Metered Ozium Air Sanitizer
    Metered Ozium Air Sanitizer •The active ingredient in Ozium® cleanses the air with glycolized action. •Lighter-than-air where they linger for 3 to 4 hours, encapsulating airborne bacteria and odors. •Effectively sanitizes, deodorizes, and leaves a fresh fragrance in the air. •12/case     Ozium® Original ..
  • TimeMist® Air Sanitizer 30day Refill & Dispenser ContainsonemeteredAir Sanitizer Lime Refill and one Air Sanitizer Dispenser. 12/case     Metered Air Sanitized Refill You use products like Lysol® to disinfect surfaces and Purell® to kill germs on hands, so why not use TimeMist® Air Sanitizer to reduce airborne bacteria for a healthie..
  • TimeMist® Model 1000 Dispenser
    TimeMist® Model 1000 Dispenser  Easy and effective at minimal cost 30 day refill life 15 minutes spray setting 12/case   ..