Cleaning Equipment


nss has always employed the philosophy of design simplicity--uncomplicated solutions that avoid unnecessary, trouble-prone gadgetry.

That's why nss machines last longer and need fewer repairs. When repairs are needed, design simplicity makes NSS machines easy for technicians to service. The result for our customers is significantly longer equipment life, less downtime for service and repairs, and lower machine lifecycle costs. When you purchase nss equipment, you are truly making an investment in an asset that will be around for years to come.

nss cleaning equipment family of scrubbers, vacuums, burnishers are reliable workhorses known for their performance, durability and simplicity. They are rugged enough for heavy-duty cleaning in commercial and industrial buildings. Key features include standard onboard battery chargers, powerful vacuum pickup and good maneuverability. 

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   - Carpet Vacuums     Floor Machines
Pressures Washers        Sweepers
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