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Glomesh Diamond – It works


Pall Mall Manufacturing Company – our partner in Australia launched the Glomesh D (for Diamonds) range of Stone Floor Pads in October 2012 and the response and interest was instantly apparent.



Having originally introduced the Diamond Stone Floor cleaning pad concept to the cleaning fraternity in Australia, we soon realised that while a brilliant system, it was a bit pricey and also did not give the gloss of newly paid polish that many facility managers required. We then launched a range of Cyclone pads made with Ceramics (the same as used in car brake pads but a lot less expensive then Diamonds) and found that while the more aggressive pads did a great job, the Green Ceramic polishing pad did not give the same gloss as Diamonds – not that the gloss of the original Diamond pads was anywhere near that of newly laid polish.


With the launch of Glomesh Diamonds we have covered all bases. Environmentally friendly, super high gloss and very price competitive. Not just that, but we have simplified even more what was already a  simple process.

Glomesh  Diamond pads are grit number coded, not colour coded. In other words, the lower the number the more aggressive the pad and that is simple to remember unlike with colour coding where everyone has a different colour coding system (different to normal regular speed pads). To save cost,  Glomesh Diamond pads only has Diamonds on the part of the surface that actually touches the floor. Unlike opposition products the Diamonds of Glomesh D are impregnated in to the pad for longer life and not just coated on the surface and one step further then that, Glomesh Diamond pads have little wear indicators so that you know just when to throw away the worn pad – less wastage. Most importantly, there is an extra fine grit Glomesh Diamond pad  that nobody else currently has that gives you the extra gloss to bring it up to a par with newly laid polish – and the system when down is a lot less expensive and a lot simpler to maintain than a polished stone floor.

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