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VS Aircraft is a maintenance specialist providing a range of professional quality cleaning services for the airline industry:

•Carpet Cleaning Machine
•Upholstery Cleaning Machine
•Carpet Cleaning
•Upholstery Cleaning
•Leather Upholstery Cleaning
•Aircraft Cabin General Deep Cleaning
•Aircraft Cockpit General Deep Cleaning
•Emergency Carpet & Upholstery Spotting
•Soil Extraction Cleaning System For Aircraft Carpet

Soil Extraction Cleaning System For Aircraft Carpet

VS Aircraft has designed a low moisture Air Cell soil extraction system that is rugged, mobile and manoeuvrable on board an aircraft’s tight interior. 

Aircraft Upholstery Cleaning System

 Aircraft upholsteries such as seats are difficult to clean. Food stains and spills must be removed quickly and effectively so that the aircraft is as good as new for the next flight. VS Aircraft has come up with the revolutionary VS Esprit system - a portable upholstery cleaning machine. It is an Air Cell vacuum system that can thoroughly clean and dry aircraft seats of any material. This also saves airlines from frequent and costly re-upholstery cost.

Air Cell Technology

 These systems uses Air Cell Technology to effectively suspend soil for immediate extraction. Its unique feature is that with low moisture air cell, drying time of aircraft carpet is much reduced and the aircraft’s turnaround is much quicker.

Minimizes Moisture! Avoids Over Wetting!

Air Cell Bubbles Help Overcome Gravity, Control Moisture and Suspend Soil.


Plus it’s Anti-Resoiling

Microscopically Thin Layer of our Advanced Cleaning Formula Deep Cleans and Encapsulates to Trap and Hold Dirt.


Safe for people, pets, carpet and the environment.

Our cleaning process uses gentle, biodegradable, non-toxic, and fragrance-free cleaning agents that leave no sticky or oily residue to attract and hold soil.

• Green Seal Certified

• Woolsafe approved

• Carpet Mill recommended

• Partner Status E.P.A. SDSI

• Boeing Aircraft approved

Environmentally Friendly Detergent



Our state-of-the-art detergent is approved for use in aircraft. This detergent has been tested by Cleaning Research (Scientific Material International) in accordance with NZWB Test Methods and is “wool-safe” for use on 100% wool and wool-rich carpets. The system is also certified by Green Seal™, as an indication of its compliance to the highest environmental standards.


Our technical specialists are constantly trained and upgraded to keep up with developments in the aircraft interior cleaning. Check out the VS Aircraft LMX Cleaning System and the VS Esprit Cleaning System.




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