Custom Built Vacuum Cleaner Systems

With over thirty years of experience, Tiger-Vac has developed an unsurpassed experience in the development and construction of vacuum cleaner systems for any kind of controlled environment and task, whether cleanroom, explosion proof, nuclear management, bio-hazard, chemical and substance recovery, etc.

Through the years, the Tiger-Vac team has come to understand that, however sophisticated and advanced our products may be, they cannot cover all possible contingencies and situations. With the advances in technology, engineering, chemistry and other scientific fields, specific needs and requirements arise every day.

To meet this reality, we can custom-build vacuum cleaners according to your needs and requirements. Filtration options, motor heads, construction material, capacity are only a few of the items considered when putting together a customized vacuum cleaner system.

Our dedicated team of Technical representatives has the knowledge and expertise to help you find out and choose the components that will best suit your specific needs. Once the parts are selected, our technicians will assemble them following our strict ISO 9001:2000 quality control ensuring a superior quality product.


· Click here to view a catalog of parts available for the construction of your vacuum cleaner system (PDF format, 320 kb).


· Contact our Technical representatives by email, or access the Contact us section to obtain the information on the closest Tiger-Vac office.