Product Code: IC-ACCU 24/XX-KF

Tub vacuum cleaners for wet and dry pick up NT

Modified wet and dry pick up vacuum cleaner out of the IC series with 24-volt twin blower head (1,100 watt). The only 1,100 watt battery operated vacuum cleaner for all kind of dirt on the market, which can be equipped with batteries for cleaning operation of up to 2.5 hours.

Technical basic data

● Two 24-volt-blower motors (each 550 watt)

● Battery compartment for maintenance-free gel batteries from 22 to 70 Ah (C5) (35 to approx. 150 operating minutes)

● Textile fine dust filter (filter class “L”)

● Vacuum 16 kPa

● Air fl ow 30 ℓ / sec.

● Trolley with tilting chassis and comfortable guide bow (not movable down- and upstairs)