BO 2 F / BO 3 F

Product Code: BO 2 F / BO 3 F

Single- and multi-disc floor maintenance machines

Nilco - your specialist for single- and multi-disc cleaning machines. Nilco plans to continue its business success story with a wide product spectrum, which offers the right type of machine for any application. It is our goal to offer premium quality and cleaning efficiency for niche markets.

BO 2 F

Particularly economical floor polisher for small surfaces, e.g. staircases, stairsteps, small-sized lobbies, parquet floors in offices and waiting rooms.

Technical basic data

● Working width 31 cm (width of housingonly 18 cm)

● 800 rpm for effi cient polishing results

● Powerful motor 300 watt

● Sturdy, heavy metal housing Standard equipment

● 2 polishing brushes

● 2 felt pads Floor polisher with two discs Bo 2 F


Handy floor polisher with three discs for brushing and polishing, with sturdy metal housing and central dust suction. For the daily cleaning and maintenance of large sized hard floors. Particularly economical for floor care in rooms of standard size.

Technical basic data

Working width 38 cm, 800 rpm for efficient polishing results, powerful motor 500 watt, sturdy, heavy metal housing, double filter system with giant 2-ply paper dust bag (10 ℓ) and textile fi ne dust filter, top-to-bottom dust

flow, mode of driving: pinion, working height clearance 22 cm.

Standard equipment

● 3 polishing brushes

● 3 felt pads

● Giant paper dust bag (10 ℓ)