NC 1227 / NC 1237

Product Code: NC 1227 / NC 1237

Spray extraction cleaners

“NC” means “Nilco-Classic”. The nilco universal spray extraction brush automats out of the Nilco-Classic series for the professional service provider are proven for decades. Above all universally usable for cleaning of carpets and hard floors. Particularly compact for the practical use in small spaces and living spaces.

NC 1227 / NC 1237

Handy and easy transport


Exchange of roller brush


Technical basic data

● Sturdy basic metal housing

● Drive system splash-proof outside the dirt area

● Separate motor cooling system

● Separate switching of individual working steps

● Tilting handle

● Noise reduction

Standard equipment

● 1 universal roller brush “medium”

● Textile floor nozzle

● Hard floor nozzle

Optional accessories

● Floor spray extraction nozzle

● Upholstery spray extraction nozzle

● Upholstery extraction accessory kit

● Manual dry pick up accessory kit