SE 1400

Product Code: SE 1400

SE 1400

Convenient and easy-to-use spray extraction machine for cleaning of textile surfaces and hard floors.


Thanks to its compact  design the nilco SE 1400 can even be used on cluttered and congested areas. With the combined standard floor nozzle for carpets and hard floors also tiles, such as floors in restaurants, canteen kitchens, or sanitary facilities, can be cleaned easily, thoroughly and hygienically


Its lightweight and compact construction makes the nilco SE 1400 the perfect choice for carpet cleaning small and mid-sized areas, such as restaurants, hotels, public buildings, shopping malls, etc. Its versatility makes the SE 1400 convenient for different cleaning applications in a selection of outlets.


Standard equipment


• Floor nozzle for carpets and hard floors
• Suction and pressure hose (2,5 m)