Product Code: ESM 300 MINI


A working pressure  like the “big  ones”. Nevertheless small and handy for cleaning of narrow spaces. The optimal single-disc floor maintenance machine for cleaning of sanitary rooms and stairsteps.


Handy and compact machine for scrubbing, cleaning and polishing. For thorough and fast maintenance and in-between cleaning of small sized, furnished rooms, stairsteps and such like. Dust- and splash-proof. Mode of drive: toothed gearing. Metal housing, plastic rim avoids damage of furniture.


Only available as “basic package” with a large number of valuable standard accessories.


Technical basic data


●  600 watt, brush speed 165 rpm
●  working width 13“ (33 cm), working height clearance 12 cm
●  weight 20 kg, operating radius: 12 m


Standard equipment

“Basic package of accessories” consisting of:

●  1 driver plate “standard”
●  1 micro fibre pad white / bue
●  1 super pad green (pad for cleaning)
●  1 super pad white (pad for polishing)